Glass Block Collection

Standard 3" Glass Block Standard 4" Glass Block

Standard 3"

Three basic patterns of glass block typically used for replacement windows.

Standard 4"

4" thick glass block in several patterns and sizes with some shapes and finishing units for a variety of applications.

Pegasus Colored Glass Block Pegasus 3D Glass Block

Pegasus Colors

2 patterns and 4 finishes in 10 pastel colors with shapes and finishing units. Can be used in nearly any application.

Pegasus 3D

2 different designs where the texture is on the exterior of the block. Suitable for interior or exterior applications.

The Mendini Collection Vetropieno Collection

Mendini Colors

16 bold colors with the reflective Metalized edge coating. Intended for interior applications.


"Gem Brilliant" solid glass bricks in 4 colors. Can be used for interior or exterior applications.

We source Glass Block from manufacturers world-wide; Seves, Mulia, Pittsburgh Corning and Weck are all available.